Security and Design Aspects in an Internet Voting System  

Abstract Category: I.T.
Course / Degree: B.Sc. (Business & Computing)
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 2004

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

The Internet has revolutionised several aspects of society. Businesses and Governments alike are moving online at astonishing speeds. This dramatic impact will, in a few years time, lead to a paradigm shift in the electoral process. Internet voting will allow the casting of electronic ballots from virtually any location around the world, however, such technological changes will bring about various implications in the security and design of the system concerned. It is imperative that technical, as well as social issues affecting the acceptance of i-voting systems, are studied carefully in order to implement any new technologies seamlessly. Security flaws could prove disastrous for any elections, due to unsuccessful data and privacy integrity. In fact, the primary concern of voters using prototype i-voting systems is whether privacy will be respected or not. The aim of this thesis is to analyse both the security and design issues which Governments and businesses alike will encounter along the path of i-voting deployment. The fact that no standards exist for electronic ballot design is an issue that definitely needs remedy in the future. It must be kept in mind that thousands of voters will be using the same interface, thus, creating an incredible challenge for developers to design the ballot sheet as efficient and as effective as possible, with every sector of society in mind. Design issues are coupled by security concerns which will impede i-voting implementations until alternative technologies are used. Hacking, malicious software, social engineering and infected client PCs, are all security concerns disrupting technological implementations in many e-services. These issues, and many more, will be analysed in this thesis in order to develop and implement an i-voting application as secure and user-friendly as possible.

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e-voting, internet voting

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Scicluna, Andrew Security and Design Aspects in an Internet Voting System, B.Sc. (Business & Computing) Dissertation, CIS Department, University of Malta - 2004

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