A Tool for Archiving and Searching personal web history  

Abstract Category: I.T.
Course / Degree: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 2004

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

This aim of this final year project is to enhance a users' web browsing experience by providing a set of services for managing browsed pages and building associations amongst them based on web page metadata by using Association Rule Mining. The project also introduces an Internet Explorer custom toolbar powered by Google Web Services to aid users in storing their favourite pages / web snippets. The end result is a web of related data symbolizing a knowledge tree depicting the users browsing interests. The main components are a transactions factory that keeps track of visited information, a keyword extraction factory for extracting and filtering keywords and finally an association mining factory that derives associations between keywords. Together, combined with the toolbar, we manage to provide a simple yet useful solution for archiving and searching personal web history.

Thesis Keywords/Search Tags:
transactions, metadata, keyword extraction, toolbar, archiving, data mining, association mining, webpage, history, associations, confidence, association rule mining, apriori algorithm

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