Introducing The New Process For The News Reporters Become The Fans Holders  

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The news reporters . Who inform the news as journalists. But nowadays, some bodies(some audience) do not have interest in the some journalist persons(some news reporters) to know the news by them. Nowadays , the some news reporters who are not attraction and they do not exhibit attractively themselves to the peoples and audience. Today , several fans and peoples are not able to find and view the some News reporters’ (journalist persons) identity easily and they can not remember the some news reporters easily. Similarly, the oppturnty is low to audience to do like this. I mean that Audience does not like the some news reporters (some persons of news reporting profession) as heroes and the audience does not give the special interest to their some searched news .for read ,listen, watch The audience could not know quickly and easily that who are experienced and best in their profession among news reporters We are able to see the news reporter’s name under the some news stories on the magazines.(printed magazine , news papers) but audience and readers who are not able to know that are they best intelligent, and experienced in their profession. when read their names by under The news stories Therefore , the thesis introduce the new process for solve those problems The process . which will create and give different type of best names and qualified Names only for best ,skilled, and qualified news reporters. The names will be too attractively as fame names. the names will usually be given by news’s reporters association. or by any other places. We can call as ‘agipraise name’ to the type of names therefore , we are able to know the Identity of the names and type of the names. The news reporters (journalists) who need to get some qualified experience and skills, In their works for get the ‘agipraise name’ The ‘agipraise name’ will be able to be given by where after confirmed that who are qualified to get the names . I mean that the ‘agipraise name’ will be given by some places after confirmed and certified that they are qualified to get the names. The news reporters do not need to get the ‘agipraise name’ absolutely. The ‘agipraise name’ is not too required to the news reporters . but if they like and aspire which they are able to get. The ‘agipraise name’ which does not specify and show the educational details , results and status of news reporters . but which specifies about the news reporters’ experience and required skills . the ‘agipraise name’ is created to inform the news reporters experience and qualified skills briefly and quickly to peoples and audience. Therefore The news reporters will be able to inform the their experience and qualified Skills briefly by getting and putting or using the ‘agipraise name’ before in their name. and by using the ‘agipraise name’ underneath their news stories in the magazine. The news reporters need to submit the details of their experience and qualified skills in their job or news reporter profession for get the ‘agipraise name’ Yes they should submit the correct details about their experience and skills about the profession with evidence (required details) The ‘agipraise name ‘ will be able to be given by some private companies . The news reporters are able to get different names of ‘agipraise name’ There will be lots of Different names of ‘ agipraise name ‘ But all ‘agipraise name ‘ will have general letters as’ A.G’ before in the ‘agipraise name’ possible to get different by different ‘agipraise name ‘ but two letters need to be before in the ‘news reporter’s ‘agipraise name as same which is ‘A.G’ ‘ the ‘A.G’ letters are created to put before in the all ‘agipraise name’ Best and qualified , stylish name will be after the ‘A.G’ letters in which’ for news reporters .but the ‘agipraise name’ is not worth as educational degree or suffix which is introduced for the news reporter to become the fans Holder among peoples and for create the so many audience and fans. in their profession of reporting news

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