Transform Operator Random Generator Delimiter Based Encryption Standard  

Abstract Category: I.T.
Course / Degree: M.Tech
Institution / University: Galgotias College of Eng. & Technology Greater Noida (U.P.) , India
Published in: 2012

Thesis Abstract / Summary:
The selective application of technology and related procedural safeguard is an important responsibility for cryptographic algorithm to its electronic data systems. This work specifies the functionality of TORDES from encryption and decryption to protect the sensitive unclassified data. TORDES is made available within the context of a total security program consisting of physical security procedure.
In the absence of generally acknowledged metrics in the public area that could be used to compute and spell out cryptographic strength, a small operational group agreed to look at the possibility of developing an approach to cryptographic metrics The purpose of this dissertation is to report the results of the limited exploratory effort by the above operational group that investigated the practicality of developing metrics for use in specifying the strength of cryptographic algorithms. This work is only deals with a small sample of selected symmetric cipher block encryption algorithms.
The selective application of technological and related procedural safeguard is an important responsibility of every cryptographic algorithm in providing adequate security to its electronic data systems. This work specifies TORDES including its primary component, cryptographic engines, MODDES, DES, TDES, AES to compare in terms of memory required and encryption, decryption time.
In today's epoch, most of the means of secure data and code storage and distribution rely on using cryptographic Schemes, such as certificates or encryption keys. This dissertation is devoted to the security and attack aspects of cryptographic techniques with new symmetric key algorithm TORDES. This algorithm is proposed to achieve the different goals of security i.e., Availability, Confidentiality and Integrity. We will also discuss the security threats in this algorithm.
Security is a very complex and vast topic. There is such a tool available in market which easily crack the conventional cryptographic data. It is necessary to design such a Algorithm which approach a different from these algorithms. TORDES is the one of best direction in this approach.
The proposed system is successfully tested on text. The performance and security provided by proposed system is better than other secret key algorithm for the message of fixed size. The main advantage of proposed system is that it is not fully dependent on the key and for the same plain text it produces different modified secure codes.

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Encryption, Decryption, Transform, Random, Mirror Image, TORDES

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