Characteristics and Needs of the Adult Distance Learner: A Case Study  

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Published in: 2003

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The sample population of this study was composed of one group. The subjects (approximately n=25) studied were professional, graduate level distance learners and were selected from a School of Education at a major research university. The students studied were enrolled in a course on Technology in Contemporary Education and Training. The course was a distance-learning course that incorporated a predominantly asynchronous university-supported Blackboard course management system as the vehicle. Subject variation by condition was assessed through the use of a post course evaluation presented in class to the students enrolled in the particular course being studied.

The evaluation questionnaire (developed through a review of elements identified in an extensive literature review) was used to gather data on the following areas: characteristics and needs of the adult distance learner, gender, student demographics, prior computer and distance learning experience. The questionnaire was pre-tested with a sample of students similar to those in the test population. Asynchronous communication, or delayed communication, was a predominant feature in this particular course.

Data were also collected from online focus groups limited to select students enrolled in the course. The survey data and focus group responses were examined to identify patterns, of needs and characteristics among respondents. The data was also analyzed to determine if there were significant differences in responses based demographics, experience with technology and distance education, and student performance in the distance- learning course studied.

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