P.S.D. Lesson Plans for Children of Prisoners  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: B. Ed. (Hons.)
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 2005

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Children of incarcerated parents are often referred to as the ‘hidden victims’. They have not committed any crime, yet they have to suffer an incredible punishment. Often these children are confused and have mixed feelings. They might be angry at their parent for the crime committed but, at the same time, they still love their parent and want to be with him. Sometimes, they might even blame themselves for their parent’s absence. The effects of parent incarceration vary according to the age of the child, the length of sentence, disruptiveness of incarceration, availability of support and learned coping strategies. Effects of parental incarceration may be physical, emotional or psychological. Some children may experience low self-esteem, impaired achievement motivation and poor relations with their peers, whilst others are more likely to rebel against society and engage in criminal activity and drug or alcohol abuse. These children are more likely to be subject to bullying, labelling and exclusion due to their parent’s incarceration. In this study, I have developed Personal and Social Development sessions to help these children cope with their situation. This would avoid their adopting coping strategies which may lead to further social isolation and loss of friends, confidence and self-esteem. The programme would help them realise that there are people who are not judging them and who care for them in their parents’ absence.

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Children, Incarcerated Parents, Problems, Needs, Personal and Social Development

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