Channeling and Choosing our Future Champions  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: B.Educ. Hons
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 2005

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

The increased quest for international sporting success has inevitably meant that the role of the education system in Malta in contributing to elite success becomes the subject of considerable debate. The focus of this paper is to first explore the current situation with regards to opportunities for student-athletes to practice and participate in competitive sport. Ethical issues and social-justice considerations will be analysed by using a mixed methodological approach. The study aims at shedding light on how a specialisation in sport at school would encourage students to further their sports career as well as their educational attainment.

The mixed methodology applied for the transact of this research investigates the current position of student-athletes, elite athletes as well as stake holders involved in policy making. A closed questionnaire was used with 335 student-athletes while another questionnaire, with a series of open-ended questions, was used with 90 elite athletes. In contrast, a series of interviews were conducted with seven stake holders and two tertiary student-athletes. This triangulation research made it clear that there is an agreement on the need of setting up a specialised sport school system. The study suggests that, first; there is a need to create a sports culture in order to have a specialised sport school system that is ethically sound and free from social injustices. In view of this, tomorrow’s schools should become key contributing agents to the development of a culture of sport. Following this, it would be possible to implement a feasible specialised sport school that is equitable to all.

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Physical Education, Sport, Elite Sport, student-athlete

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