Social Cognition as a Predictor of the Writing of Students Using English as a Second Language in Freshman English Compostion  

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Published in: 1989

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Sixty-two (62) nonnative English speaking students in six freshman composition classes at one university were sampled to obtain a sample size of 43. Subjects wrote on two essay topics, and answered questions from three social cognitive assessment instruments. One secondary teacher and one college professor rated the writing. All data were analyzed using three statistical methods: 1) Zero order correlations were calculated among the three social cognitive variables, and the writing variables, i.e. quality and length; 2) Means and standard deviations were calculated for the same variables; 3) A stepwise multiple regression procedure used the three social cognitive variables with composition length to predict writing quality. Regression coefficients were calculated for the predictor variables.

Three findings emerged from this research study. 1) Social cognitive ability correlated positively with writing quality of ESL students in the two modes of discourse, expository and persuasive. 2) Of the three social cognitive indices, impression organization was the most significant predictor of writing quality. 3) Composition length appeared to be the most significant single predictor of writing quality.
1. The social cognitive variables and the two writing variables of expository quality and persuasive quality, including composition length, were related in the writing of the non-native English speaking student participants in the study.
2. Social cognition was equally consequential in both expository and persuasive writing assignments.
3. The length of the essays was related to how well the students responded to the rhetorical stimulus.

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Social Cognition, freshman compostion, english as a second language

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