The Readability of Understanding Science Textbooks in Forms 1 and 2  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: B.Ed.(Hons)
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 1993

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

This study aims at investigating "Understanding Science 1 and Understanding Science 2" which are the Science Textbooks presently in use with Form 1 and Form 2 pupils in State Area Secondary Schools and Junior Lyceums.

A trifold approach to readability of texts was employed in the research. Initially, appropriate use of the Fry Readability Formula gave indications regarding readability of the textbooks. According to the formula, both textbooks are readable within the 10-11-12 year old range. Owing to the mathematical rigidity of the formula, which definitely neglects various other aspects related to textbook readability, cloze testing was more than necessary.

The modern format of the textbooks, together with a more scientific approach to teaching and learning of science through practicals, made cloze test application insufficient in establishing reliable results to estimate readability. Indeed, practical testing had to become more than an integral part of the research since, after all, Understanding Science aims at teaching and learning of science through a practical mode (Boyd and Whitelaw, 1989).

Results obtained in cloze testing and practicals, were analysed in conjunction with pupil performance in Annual Examinations of English Language and Integrated Science for the June 1992 session. This allowed ample space for conclusions and recommendations which do not necessarily implicate solely the Readability of Understanding Science Textbooks.

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Understanding Science Textbooks in Forms 1 and 2, Readability, Fry Readability Formula, cloze-testing, science practicals

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Pulis, A. (1993), The Readability of Understanding Science Textbooks in Forms 1 and 2. Unpublished B.Ed.(Hons) Dissertation, June 1993, Faculty of Education, University of Malta.

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