National Strategic Framework on eGovernance Projects in Nepal  

Abstract Category: I.T.
Course / Degree: Bachelor of Computer Engineering
Institution / University: Kathmandu University, Nepal
Published in: 2005

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

The advent of ICT has brought about a challenge to the developing countries like Nepal to appropriate and adapt the global knowledge available in developed countries. To avoid re-inventing the wheel or re-create existing knowledge and waste time, effort and money in the process, we should, with technological competence grab the opportunities offered by ICT. This highly leveraged enabling tool has also redefined the fundamentals and changed the institutions and mechanism of delivery, bringing about a fundamental shift in the concept, manner and method by which the State has to deliver services. The research report in detail discusses the methodologies that can be used successfully to achieve those things. It has proposed an eGovernance model for Nepal, which has been derived and localized from successfully implemented projects of different countries like India, Singapore and Korea.

The present ICT and eGovernance scenario of Nepal, impending factors for their growth and reasons behind the formulation of the national strategic framework are included in the first part. Taking into consideration the ground reality, an eGovernance implementation model and procedures for formulating strategies are proposed in the second part of the report, followed by recommendations in the third part. Then comes the suggested architecture for various eGovernance elements namely, application, data, network and security.

Realizing that slight delay is exponentially magnified as a huge lag, details has been worked out and included for a project entitled “eBhuktani” so that interested stakeholder can directly jump into action. The main objective of the project is to provide facility of payment of utility bills from one single counter. It aims at establishing ten such counters in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

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eGovernance, ICT

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