Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Control  

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Published in: 2004

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are aircrafts that fly without any humans being onboard. They are either remotely piloted, or piloted by an onboard computer. This kind of aircrafts can be used in different military missions such as surveillance, reconnaissance, battle damage assessment, communications relay, minesweeping, hazardous substances detection and radar jamming. However they can be used in other than military missions like detection of hazardous objects on train rails and investigation of infected areas. Aircrafts that are able of hovering and vertical flying can also be used for indoor missions like counter terrorist operations.

Noah sent a dove out of the ark to investigate if the flood ended instead of risking his life by going himself.
In the same way UAVs can be sent to investigate areas without risking human lives.

This project is concerned with the development and control of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The different ways of flying are examined and the most suitable is selected.
A vehicle is built after investigating the different parts that could be used and a tool will is developed for the remote control of the aircraft. Furthermore a language is
defined for controlling the aircraft and a compiler and interpreter are implemented for the particular language. Finally an investigation is done on the use of a simulator that will be used for testing purposes rather than experimenting directly with the aircraft and a simulator is investigated and customized according to the needs of this project.

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UAV, Unmanned Aerial, Vehicle Control

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