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A High construction as a high floor behind the seating location or arena at the auditorium for dance lovers dance with view the stage without giving nuisance to sat viewers

Date: 12-09-2016 15:03

1 ) the audience(viewers) who could not the dance with see the joined music videos of the projected movies at the movie theatre when project the music video on the projection screen.
2) why could not the guest dance with see the stage without giving nuisance to other guest when telecast the songs at the auditorium and function halls ?
3)why ... read full abstract ››

Palk Straight Between India And Sri Lanka

Date: 18-05-2016 13:23

Palk Strait, Bay of Mannar, Delft and the Marines between India and Sri Lanka.

The region is of versatile marine waters having a traditional fate that invites criticism. It is the fishing. At present, unfortunately, the region is exposed to all kinds of out-fishing. An industry, in this gap, appearing to be the best income ... read full abstract ››

Dotsafe: Hyper Speed Emergency Transportation

Date: 12-03-2016 22:48

Today, people have four modes of transportation: road, air, rail & water.These ways of transport or expensive and slow. DotSafe is an innovative way to transport people and goods, especially during an emergency.

DotSafe short for: Driverless On-demand Transporter Speeding Aerodynamically For Emerg ... read full abstract ››

Egyptian Storm

Date: 04-03-2016 13:11

ُEgyptian Storm

the newest under soil irrigation system in the world: 


the under soil irrigation system is a system that save the water and give the plants thier plenty of water under Controling the water from waste.it also can b ... read full abstract ››

Sinkholes And Rock Caries

Date: 15-12-2015 13:27

Sinkholes and rock caries
Sinkholes form underground through the dissolution and chemical decomposition of the rock surface or relatively consolidated soils. They do form at increased rate when there are conditions for minor species and bacterial colonies to establish themselves.
Under good natural conditions when the ground is covered wi ... read full abstract ››

Depicting Coastal Morphological Landscape Evolution From Anthropogenic Activities & Building Management Strategies For ‘coast In Crisis’ In The ‘state Of Kuwait’

Date: 11-11-2015 05:10

The study was conducted with the motive of investigating a) the trend in the evolution of Kuwait coastal morphological landscape (CML) and coastline from 1960s to 2012; b) to understand coastal landscape degradation and deterioration happening; and c) future scenarios in Kuwait. This research on evolution and trend of CML primarily focused on the 5 ... read full abstract ››

Computational Approach To Investigation Of Crack Behaviour Under Vehicular Loading Of A Typical Concrete Pavement ( Case Study Of Mbagathi Road In Nairobi County, Kenya)

Date: 10-11-2015 18:35

Nairobi County has nearly 100% road network as bituminous roads and only 4km road network (Mbagathi Road) is concrete road. This road was a pilot project that was implemented by Kenyan Government between the years 2005 and 2007 at a total construction cost of over 400 million Kenya Shillings. The design was done based on South Africa design procedure on a 210 mm thick PJCP pav ... read full abstract ››

Modeling Natural Frequencies Of Vibration Of Three Dimensional Frames Under Two Dimensional Loading

Date: 06-11-2015 10:55

The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between natural frequency of vibration, the height of the structure, the stiffnesses of members and number bays of a structure. The relationship was to be developed based on data obtained using two methods. The methods were theoretical whereby Computer Modeling was undertaken based on structural theory, and experimental, ... read full abstract ››

Balaila’ Model For Manpower Allocation In Service Jobs

Date: 24-04-2015 17:05

The work measurement concept has evolved from the manufacturing world but has not been fully adopted yet to the global shift to the service sector and the high-tech firms. Certain factors create inherent difficulties in determining time standards for manpower allocation in service jobs: (a) non circulating process and numerous ancillary tasks (b) ... read full abstract ››

Study Of The Cerebral Activity Modulation Due To The Radiation Produced By A Commercial Mobile Phone Conducted Using Eeg-tms

Date: 09-01-2015 00:58

The diffusion of technological devices poses the problem of their impact on both human health and behaviour. In particular, it has been much debated in the scientific community what impact electromagnetic radiation fields emitted by cell phones may have on the users of such devices. In order to archive such an evaluation, the current work has been ... read full abstract ››