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Tail-Water Recycling for Kainji-Jebba Hydro-Power Reservoirs

Date: 11-07-2010 01:23

The Tail-water Recycling as used in this project is an intra-basin water transfer with similar objectives to inter-basin or interregional water transfers which are basic water management tool and is used here for balancing water supply and demand for hydro-electric generation as a long-term and lasting solution to the problem of low water level at Kainji-Jebba hydroelectric po ... read full abstract ››

Impacts of Urbanization on Kaduna River Flooding and Streamflow Modelling

Date: 11-07-2010 01:05

Population growth, urbanization and expansion of structural developments into flood prone areas of urban settlements of Nigeria are challenges requiring dynamic predictions of inundation areas; development of models for the propagation of flood waves on the floodplain; and the development of a rapid response and flood warning systems. Hydrologic and hydraulics modeling provide ... read full abstract ››

Financial time series analysis : Chaos and neurodynamics approach

Date: 18-06-2010 23:23

This work aims at combining the Chaos theory postulates and Artificial Neural Networks classification and predictive capability, in the field of financial time series prediction. Chaos theory, provides valuable qualitative and quantitative tools to decide on the predictability of a chaotic system. Quantitative measurements based on Chaos theory, are used, to decide a-priori wh ... read full abstract ››

Guidelines for Preliminary Selection of the Optimum Interchange Type for a Specific Location

Date: 04-05-2010 10:59

In, Virginia when new construction or major reconstruction is planned, the current practice is for a location and design engineer to select the interchange type for a given location. The engineer relies upon projected traffic data, right-of-way needs, environmental concerns, safety, and project costs to determine which interchange configuration will most efficiently serve the ... read full abstract ››

A Case Study of Interchange at Km 108/000 on NH-8 Vadodara-Bharuch

Date: 04-05-2010 10:56

The ability to accommodate high volumes of traffic safely and efficiently through intersections depends largely on what arrangement is provided for handling intersecting traffic. The greatest efficiency, safety and capacity are attained when the intersecting through-traffic lanes are separated in grades. An interchange is a system in interconnecting roadways in conjunction wit ... read full abstract ››

A Suggested System for Virtual University in Egypt: A Future Study

Date: 03-03-2009 03:22


Over the recent years, we have witnessed the embarking development and using the internet in the education, and there were many courses and programs that provided online. The internet helped to facilitate the education by regardless the boundary of time and place. Many universities and organization of higher education began to develop the ... read full abstract ››

Electrowetting Phenomenon for Microsized Fluidic Devices

Date: 17-02-2009 00:34

This work reports on experiments conducted to evaluate the electrowetting phenomenon as a potential method to manipulate and transport liquids for microfluidic applications. The work was a two-part effort which consisted of 1) fundamental experiments to study critical phenomenological aspects of electrowetting and 2) the implementation of electrowetting controlled liquid inter ... read full abstract ››

Development of a Real-Time Monitoring Display for Logic Trainers

Date: 25-01-2009 11:17

Logic trainers are laboratory equipment used by schools offering academic programs in Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Electrical Engineering. It is used primarily to verify applications in Logic Circuit and Switching Theory. It may also be used for verifying the operation and response of digital circuit design in laboratory experiments using ... read full abstract ››

Laser Processing of Refractory Metal - Refractory Carbide Alloys

Date: 23-11-2008 06:19

The objective of the present study was to laser process a refractory metal – refractory carbide alloy based on W-Ti-C ternary system for severe service applications. The key concept was to cast a eutectic alloy of tungsten and titanium carbide/carbonitride straight from the melt through laser materials processing route. In the present study, a W-Ti-C ternary alloy has be ... read full abstract ››

Potential of Combustion Processes to Reduce Toxic Workplace Load

Date: 24-09-2008 21:32

The potential of combustion processes using a suitable catalyst to destroy or reduce toxic and hazardous workplace loads and protect workers from potential exposures to hazards was investigated. Toxic and hazardous substances particularly chlorine-containing pollutants are known to be stable and at present the main industrial process for their destruction involves thermal oxid ... read full abstract ››

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