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Shuangwu Li Phd Thesis: Surface Properties Of Electrospun Poymer Nanofibres

Date: 02-06-2011 17:56

Fibrous materials are used in a variety of applications due to their relatively high surface area to volume ratio as well as anisotropic behaviour. Electrospinning is a popular fabrication technique which produces polymer nanofibres with a potentially high molecular orientation. The surface of polymer fibres plays a significant role in many applications thus measurement of the ... read full abstract ››

Development of Ti-Si-N Nanocomposite Coatings Using Reactive Magnetron Sputtering for Bio-Implant Applications

Date: 26-05-2011 14:59

Metal oxide/Nitride nanocomposite coating is a choice for many articulating biomedical implants, and the improvement of their performance is important. The interesting characteristics of hard coatings including biocompatibility, high hardness, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and improved tribological properties. Among the surface modification methods used, a significa ... read full abstract ››

Optimum Design of a Wind Turbine Blade

Date: 20-05-2011 20:04

The project demonstrates the analysis of the wind speed characteristics of a particular wind site and also identifies the optimization of the CL and CD coefficients of a horizontal axis wind turbine blade by an Aerodynamic tool known as XFOIL. The aerodynamic data output given out by XFOIL fluid computational analysis, then allows us to select the MH102, MH104, MH106, MH108 an ... read full abstract ››

Design of a Task-Oriented Hidden Web Crawler

Date: 31-03-2011 10:22

The World Wide Web (WWW), the largest and most frequently accessed public repository of information ever developed, contains large number of web pages interconnected through hyperlinks. The WWW can be divided into two parts: Surface Web and Deep Web. The Surface Web refers to the static Web pages that can be crawled and indexed by popular search engines, also termed as Publica ... read full abstract ››

Cantor's Dust and Transmission Errors

Date: 30-03-2011 20:56

The dissertation will examine Beniot B. Mandelbrot\'s 1963 paper on his early fractal work in error bursts in transmission lines using a mathematical form known as Cantor\'s Dust.  The work will also examine Mandelbrots\' interest in word frquencies as developed from Geoge Zipf\'s \'Principle of Least Effort\'. 

Collected Papers on General Telecommunications Theory: A Systems Approach

Date: 30-03-2011 20:08

The dissertation will address terrestrial, air and space telecommunications systems utilizing dual intgrated systems employing radio frquency and free space laser technologies for signal transmission.  The papers will also introduce the concept of an \'air satellite\' to the dynamics of this system with the use of High Altitude Long Endurance platforms (HALE) for use as a ... read full abstract ››

Development of an Inverse Dynamic Model of Lower Extremities During Gait

Date: 28-03-2011 01:46

Dynamic models play an important role in gait studies, providing a tool for study of human locomotion and resulting reaction forces and moments. A three-part model of the lower body was developed through the use of inverse dynamics, to model normal walking in sagittal plane. The objectives of this project were to model normal walking in order to determine joint reaction forces ... read full abstract ››

Security & Surveillance System

Date: 07-01-2011 18:39

With the immense increase in crime rate throughout the world, there is an intensive need of security. Every individual feels insecure & wants his personal as well as his surrounding life to be peaceful and secured. A lot of work has been done in this regard. Very efficient security systems have been designed but peace and security is still a question that needs to be answe ... read full abstract ››

Conformal Predictions in Multimedia Pattern Recognition

Date: 19-10-2010 07:44

The fields of pattern recognition and machine learning are on a fundamental quest to design systems that can learn the way humans do. One important aspect of human intelligence that has so far not been given sufficient attention is the capability of humans to express when they are certain about a decision, or when they are not. Machine learning techniques today are not yet ful ... read full abstract ››

Efficient use of fossil fuels by implementing mCCHP systems to ensure energy requirements for isolated residencies

Date: 23-07-2010 12:15

The development of climate conditions opens new possibilities, such as in the fields of solar and photovoltaic energy. However, the high costs for implementing new technologies and alternative energies represent barriers in their competitiveness against the classic ones. That is why, until developing financially attractive technologies, research is currently focusing on improv ... read full abstract ››

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