Collected Papers on General Telecommunications Theory: A Systems Approach  

Abstract Category: Engineering
Course / Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Telecommunications
Institution / University: The Northwestern International University, Denmark
Published in: 2003

Dissertation Abstract / Summary:

The dissertation will address terrestrial, air and space telecommunications systems utilizing dual intgrated systems employing radio frquency and free space laser technologies for signal transmission.  The papers will also introduce the concept of an 'air satellite' to the dynamics of this system with the use of High Altitude Long Endurance platforms (HALE) for use as an air link between earth and space.  The papers have been given at both AIAA and SPIE conferneces. 

Dissertation Keywords/Search Tags:
Radio Frequency Communications., Laser Communications, Telecommunications

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Tice, B.S. (2003) Collected Papers on General Telecommunications Theory: A Systems Approach.  Bloomington: AuthorHouse.

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