Efficient use of fossil fuels by implementing mCCHP systems to ensure energy requirements for isolated residencies  

Abstract Category: Engineering
Course / Degree: BSE
Institution / University: University of Galati, Romania
Published in: 2010

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The development of climate conditions opens new possibilities, such as in the fields of solar and photovoltaic energy. However, the high costs for implementing new technologies and alternative energies represent barriers in their competitiveness against the classic ones. That is why, until developing financially attractive technologies, research is currently focusing on improving current technologies based on fossil fuels, with two main guidelines in sight: efficient consumption and limiting greenhouse effect and toxic emissions. The European Commission (among other important organizations) is currently elaborating a strategic plan for energy technologies, with the main scope of bringing forward the innovations in this field in order to successfully face this double challenge. Residencies represent an essential aspect in this respect, as they constitute a basic example of the immediate need for adapting, for making them more fit for living in a warmer climate and for reducing the energy demand, which will also help minimize climate change effects. We have divided this paper into three levels for presenting the residential architectural models subjected to application of mathematical modelling of the necessary level of energy, with the purpose of ensuring comfort. As such, we have considered: a simplified architectural (ideal) model, a modern residential architectural model and mathematical modelling applied to a historical monument. We have used the principle of admittance for evaluating residence energy, making use of the demo versions of specialized software: AutoDesk Ecotect v.6, WeatherTool and Meteonorm. We have compared different structures of the architectural model envelope, using the method of admittance to highlight the properties and performances of the materials used in designing mCCHP systems.

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mCCHP, energy, fossil fuel,

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