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Characterization of Mixing Processes Through the Consecutive-Competitive Bromination of 1,3,5-Trimethoxybenzene

Date: 19-04-2007 18:45

Parallel-competitive or consecutive-competitive chemical reactions whose product distributions are influenced by mass transport can be used to characterize mixing processes. Microstructured mixing devices can offer better mixing than conventional devices. The parallel-competitive reactions of 1-naphthol and 2-naphthol with diazotized sulfanillic acid and of iodate and dihydrog ... read full abstract ››

Multiwavelet transform (MWT)

Date: 26-03-2007 21:02

Applications based on Multiwavelet transform (MWT) such as signal and image processing require high computational power, plus the ability to experiment with algorithms. Reconfigurable hardware devices in the form of Filed Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) have been proposed as a way of obtaining high performance at low price. However, users must program FPGAs at a very low leve ... read full abstract ››

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Control

Date: 18-01-2007 12:41

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are aircrafts that fly without any humans being onboard. They are either remotely piloted, or piloted by an onboard computer. This kind of aircrafts can be used in different military missions such as surveillance, reconnaissance, battle damage assessment, communications relay, minesweeping, hazardous substances detection and radar jamming. Howev ... read full abstract ››

Excellent design of Noise Reduction for Speech Signal Using Grazing Estimation of signal Method

Date: 24-11-2006 12:27

This thesis introduced a new design of noise reduction in the received speech signal using adaptive techniques. Adaptive systems are used well efficiently to reduce noise from the signals using interference cancellation techniques. But the interference cancellation technique is efficient only when there is a scope of obtaining noise, correlated to the corrupting noise, where i ... read full abstract ››

Design of greenbelts around Industrial complexes to reduce the impact of air and noise pollution

Date: 22-03-2006 02:41

The thesis deals with technical approach, factors and parameters, which were considered for designing and modeling of Greenbelt (GB) around industrial complexes, for reducing the impact of air and noise pollution. The design and development of GBs for pollution control is very much interesting. The thesis is the first in India and one of the few in the world. In this study the ... read full abstract ››

Concept Map Development for an Effective Online Literature Search in Engineering Education Research

Date: 22-03-2006 01:11

Research in engineering involves multiple phases, where literature review is considered one among them. Wide spread access to internet has provided educational opportunities for students to explore vast resources available online. Lack of focus and exposure to resources, can lead the student to perform random search for literature which can be time expensive and tedious.
... read full abstract ››

Space Technology Application for Natural Resources Assessment and Management: A case study of Thrissur District of Kerala

Date: 16-03-2006 15:56

On the basis of the satellite derived data which was supported by secondary data, the project of specific assessment and management of natural resources has highlighted the need for better understanding of the study area, “Thrissur District” as a unit system and the impact of changing anthropogenic activities on land environment. Assessment of remote sensed data pr ... read full abstract ››

Prediction and Control of Regenerative Chatter by Modelling and Analysis of the Milling Process

Date: 09-03-2006 15:30

1. Modelling
A model is necessary to generate accurate Stability Lobe Diagrams offline. Moreover, during the process, it is possible that the shape of a SLD changes. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the process online and keep the cut chatter-free by using a model-based controller. A schematic representation of the milling process is shown in Fig. 1. ... read full abstract ››

On-line Balancing of Rotors

Date: 09-03-2006 14:19

The current on-line rotor balancing systems are made up of four major parts: the balanced rotor system, the sensor, the controller and the balancing regulator among which the former two are well known while the later are still being researched. The controlling method of the online balancing regulator has been designed according to whether the position of the correction mass is ... read full abstract ››

Performance Issues for Distributed Real Time Database Systems

Date: 06-02-2006 07:43

1.Development of simulators for the both main memory resident and disk resident distributed real time database system using C language. The implementation and experimental studies have provided a deeper insight into many of the issues encountered in the design of distributed real time database systems.

2.Design of new priority assignment policies to cohort executin ... read full abstract ››

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