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Theoretical And Experimental Study Of The Variation Of Cmrr Due To Variations Of Patient Cables In Electrocardiographs

Date: 09-01-2015 00:23

The electrocardiogram is undoubtedly the most popular examination for its high content of pathophysiological information, simplicity, bloodlessly, safety and for economical reasons. This analysis has a great diagnostic importance, so very close constraints are imposed to the quality of the electronic signal. Among the electronic features of an elec ... read full abstract ››

Glacier Recovery

Date: 14-09-2014 14:12

Glaciers are an integral part of the Earth. There are periods of withdrawal like what is happening now. But absolute disappearance of glaciers is only theoretically possible. Practically, always some factor will interfere to make them grow again. Although there are many localities where it can appear to have almost d ... read full abstract ››

Atmosphere And Sea Level

Date: 11-09-2014 15:57

For a planet to have an atmosphere it should have enough mass to hold the air with its force of gravity. For instance moon has no atmosphere. Its mass is still not enough to hold the gases. As for Earth it must have been more than a billion years ago that it got the necessary mass to hold the gases from escaping as t ... read full abstract ››

Tranquillisation Of Coastal Waves

Date: 08-09-2014 14:11

On windless mornings and no tremors at the bottoms the beach sides are very tranquil. Inviting people to swim in them and have some fun. Such tranquil waters have become seldom. The seas have turned rough. Even the slightest wind turns tranquillity to turbulence.

Earlier, s ... read full abstract ››

Water Waves, Their Properties And Coast-recovery

Date: 05-09-2014 19:55

Water waves transfer mechanical energy. In waters there are three kinds of mechanical energy transfer. The first is a spherical voluminous energy transfer called the longitudinal wave transfer. The second is the transversal energy transfer. The third, is corpuscular-kinetic energy transfer that resembles water waves ... read full abstract ››

Floating Groynes And Their Usage

Date: 02-09-2014 11:27

The usage of floating groynes, appears to be unlimited in the hydrosphere. They have no climatological limitations and can be made to fit any morphology of the Coast and beach-scape. They can be used on stagnant waters, lakes, rivers, lagoons, seas and oceans. The floating groynes will be doing on the waters what bui ... read full abstract ››

Water Wave Bouncing

Date: 16-08-2014 12:32

Never let a water wave bang, bash, blow or bounce. It harshly increases soil erosion from under and over.Wave is an energy carrier. The energy spreads equally either spherically or in circles. wave has its own justice. When it travels longitudinally, in a volume, the energy s ... read full abstract ››

Floating Groyne

Date: 30-07-2014 11:51

Hamsen B Paramahamsa www.oceanicboom.com

© Floating Groyne

Traditionally groynes are constructions at coasts or banks of waters. They are constructed into the waters from the banks to manage erosion and divert disturbing water flow ... read full abstract ››

Floating Floral Groyne

Date: 27-07-2014 11:39

Floral groyne, also called as Botanical Groyne, is used, beside others, to make coasts grow. The groyne is of two types. One, made on a frame out of wood, plastic, steel or aluminium. The second, is Rope and Net Groyne. And like in other fields the two groups have many sub divisions.

... read full abstract ››


Date: 30-06-2014 13:56

Sink holes are cavities big and small formed under the surface that suddenly collapse and swallow whatever is above it. A hole can swallow a vehicle and even a house. Very tragic is when people also disappear in it when it collapses. It has happened.

They are formed in great depths and near the upper surface of the ground. At present they are at rise. Latent desertific ... read full abstract ››

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