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Traditionally groynes are constructions at coasts or banks of waters. They are constructed into the waters from the banks to manage erosion and divert disturbing water flows. Floating groyne is an advancement that is of much use at the coasts and off-shores. Marine coasts are being severely eroded and needs methods to stop erosion and recover lost land and beaches.
Coasts may appear similar but there structures vary with time and from place to place. They have different wave-forces and currents eroding them and winds that further varies and complicates recovery work. Therefore, the method that should be applied to recover the lost beaches have to be flexible in its form and could easily be adjustable to differing stretches.
Floating groynes are easy to make and implemented. It can be made at any technological level. Including grass-root technology. Its beauty varies and depends on the technology used, materials applied, and cultural tastes of the region.
The most advantageous property is: it can be made with ropes and strings. As such it could be made to fit any beach-scape and coastal cliffs. In addition the materials used to construct are easily attainable natural materials of the regions as well as synthetic and heavy metals. The materials could be rugged and untreated as well as made according to the taste of the region. This prerequisite helps to recover coasts and beaches that must have been done yesteryears than now.
Floating groynes reduces water-force from the upper surface of the waves, and flowing currents that come when waves leap. The floating groyne rakes and combs the upper surface of the wave and current as the water gushes under the groyne´s surface. It holds back progressively the water flowing towards beach. That implies: depending in the momentum of the waters the groyne must be stretched into the waters to bring the force down. Absolute combating of the wave is counter productive. Because waves bring material form the seas to the coasts. Under natural conditions beaches and coasts grow. It is done by waves and marine biology. When the waves come towards the coasts with reduce force they are productive.
The usage of floating groynes are many. The fingers in the hand is not enough to count them. However, another important usage is: they are docks of their own accord. Its height adjusts itself with tides and currents. Boats parked on the beaches facilitate coastal erosion. The notches they make on the sand, as they are docked on the coasts, though small, give a starting points for beach erosion. Which accumulates with time. Docking them in the waters at the floating groynes will help against erosion.

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