Water Wave Bouncing  

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Never let a water wave bang, bash, blow or bounce. It harshly increases soil erosion from under and over.Wave is an energy carrier. The energy spreads equally either spherically or in circles. wave has its own justice. When it travels longitudinally, in a volume, the energy spreads spherically outwards from the point of emission, weakening inversely with the distance. When the medium ends the wave turns to transversal energy at the surface. Then it spreads in circles also weakening inversely with the distance.

Water waves have longitudinal, transversal, and corpuscular energy transfer. When a seismic tremor occurs in the depths the released energy travels spherically outwards. It travels longitudinally in the water till it reaches the surface. As soon as it reaches surface it turns into transversal wave and spreads in circles on the surface. At such an instant the wave may turn to corpuscular wave and have combined effect. That is: the energy travels both in wave and motion of molecules (wave energy turns to kinetic energy). The corpuscular energy in motion always does justice too. It equally distributes energy to the molecules of the medium. It may happen the physical properties, like specific gravity, of the medium changes. Then still the energy does justice. And the speed of travel may change forced by the changing physical properties..
When a water wave bashes, bangs and blows it bounces. When it bounces the eternal property of energy-justice remains further. The bounced wave becomes longitudinal, transversal as well as corpuscular. The wave energy spreads spherically, in multiple confusing spheres, in the medium. On the surface it instantly turns to transversal wave as well as corpuscular.

The spherical part of the bounced-wave, that travel longitudinally down in the water, hit the bottom. Instantly, the soil on the Sea-bed is whirled. And part of the wave´s energy that has not permeated into the Sea-bed gets reflected and travels longitudinally as well as turns to corpuscular energy transfer. And the soil gets moving towards the depths of the seas. As a result the depths of water at cliffs increase. Eroding the cliffs more and more.

Water waves are very important ingredient to the Coast and beaches. It should be loved. If not respected. When not feared. And it must be handled like a driver of inter-city express manoeuvres his train as he approaches the terminal. Namely, reduction of its momentum gradually and tenderly. Tranquillisation of the waves on the surface stops beach erosion and turns it to grow. The reduction of momentum have to be done long before the wave reaches the coast.

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