Engineering Abstracts  

Quantitative Hardware Prediction Modeling For Hardware/software Co-design

Date: 11-07-2012 09:56
Hardware estimation is an important factor in Hardware/Software Co-design. In this dissertation, we present the Quipu Modeling Approach, a high-level quantitative prediction model for HW/SW Partitioning using statistical methods. Our approach uses linear regression between software complexity metrics and hardware characteristics. The resulting prediction models provide essen ... read full abstract ››

Development Of Open Source Evaluation Criteria Software For Selection Of Simulation Tools Used By Automobile Manufacturers In North India

Date: 15-05-2012 08:56
In today’s turbulent economy and brutal global markets, manufacturing companies are doing all they can to maintain their competitive edge. Modelling and simulation are emerging as key technologies to support manufacturing in the 21st century as simulation is a powerful tool for allowing designers to imagine new systems and enabling them to quantify and observe its beha ... read full abstract ››

Neuro-fuzzy Based Relay Selection And Fair Resource Allocation In Cognitive Cooperative Networks

Date: 10-05-2012 02:25
Cooperative relaying in a cognitive radio network (CRN) has been used to achieve diversity gain and energy eciency through the relay node. This dissertation investigates the Neuro-Fuzzy (NF) based relay selection, spectrum access and fair resource allocation for cognitive cooperative networks. The main idea is to increase the data transmission rate and spectrum utilization ... read full abstract ››

Analysis And Design Of A Linearly Tapered Slot Antenna

Date: 07-05-2012 15:41

A printed, Linearly Tapered Slot Microstrip Antenna at 11.0 GHz was theoretically designed using the Stepped Approximation Method (SAM). The designed-calculated values have been optimized for wide band performance using the CST Microwave studio software. The antenna was fabricated on PTFE and finally tested for its RF performance. Various antenna parameters such as VSWR, radia ... read full abstract ››

Design Of Efficient Searching Algorithms For Unstructured Peer-to-peer Networks

Date: 21-03-2012 03:28



Nowadays Peer-to-peer networks are very popular and common on small local area networks. Both wired and wireless home networks can be configured as Peer-to-peer networks. Much research is being done on peer-to-peer networks for various purposes. This research work aims to find some efficient searching algorithms or techniques to search resources i ... read full abstract ››

Shuangwu Li Phd Thesis: Surface Properties Of Electrospun Poymer Nanofibres

Date: 01-01-2012 18:14

Fibrous materials are used in a variety of applications due to their relatively high surface area to volume ratio as well as anisotropic behaviour. Electrospinning is a popular fabrication technique which produces polymer nanofibres with a potentially high molecular orientation. The surface of polymer fibres plays a significant role in many applications thus measurement of the ... read full abstract ››

Towards E-learning Management System Using Semantic Web Technologies.

Date: 02-11-2011 11:34

Today’s World Wide Web (WWW) is known as Web 2.0. It includes social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, hosted services, web applications, mashups and folksonomies. It also includes E-learning Management system. It is a process in which we use the electronic medium to access the defined set of applications, cand processes.Because of a lot of limitations ... read full abstract ››

Design An Embedded System For Gas Leakage Detection And Control

Date: 21-10-2011 08:17

Industrial processes increasingly involve the use and manufacture of highly dangerous substances, particularly flammable, toxic and oxygen gases. Inevitably, occasional escapes of gas occur, which create a potential hazard to the industrial plant, its employees and people living nearby.

Worldwide incidents, involving asphyxiation, explosions and los ... read full abstract ››

Design Configuration And Implementation Of Intelligent Scada System

Date: 11-10-2011 12:56

Electrical power is one of the most important infrastructure inputs necessary for the rapid socio-economic developments of a country. Currently it constitutes about 20% of the total annual energy consumption on a worldwide scale with an ever-rising demand. This increase in demand has led to the installation and incorporation of a large number of electric power generation units ... read full abstract ››

Thermodynamic Simulation Of Charcoal Heat Driven Cooler

Date: 27-08-2011 06:31

A thermodynamic simulation of a charcoal fired heat driven absorption refrigeration cycle has been carried out. The binary mixture considered in the present investigation was H2O – NH3(Water – Ammonia). This simulation was performed in order to investigate the effect that the generator temperature and the variation of concentration of aqua-ammonia have over the Coe ... read full abstract ››