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Voluminous Agriculture And Agrotechnic

Date: 01-06-2014 11:56

Voluminous agriculture and voluminous agro-technology has no proper origin. But it had jutted out now and then in many places in private congested areas. It never had a proper application though the advantages of it is always just obvious.

Today, the world has many landscape problems and also the supply of water. The lavish agricultural method ... read full abstract ››

Latent Desertification And The Sea Level Rise

Date: 23-03-2014 16:10

Latent desertification is the main cause to the sea level rise. It is also the main cause for the melting of the glaciers and withdrawal of the Ice-age, which in its turn adds to the sea level. The present latent desertification began about one hundred and fifty millenniums ago. It had been very gradual at the beginning and with time had increased the ... read full abstract ››

Gsm Based Automated Embedded System For Monitoring And Controlling Of Substation

Date: 03-03-2014 13:05

The purpose of this project is to acquire the remote electrical parameters like Voltage, Current and Frequency from substation and send these real time values over GSM network using GSM Modem/phone along with temperature at power station. This project is also designed to protect the electrical circuitry by operating an Electromagnetic Relay. The Re ... read full abstract ››

A Battery Charging System & Appended Zcs (pwm) Resonant Converter Dc-dc Buck: Technique For Battery Charger To Yield Efficient Performance In Charging Shaping

Date: 04-02-2014 11:54

This paper presents technique for battery charger to achieve efficient performance in charging shaping, minimum low switching losses and reduction in circuit volume .The operation of circuit charger is switched with the technique of zero-current-switching, resonant components and append the topology of dc-dc buck. The proposed novel dc-dc battery charger has advantages with th ... read full abstract ››

Analysis And Design High Efficiency Zcs Buck ( Pwm) Converter In Battery Charger

Date: 04-02-2014 11:48

This study employs a buck ZCS (PWM) converter and develops a novel soft-switching approach for charger batteries. This thesis presents technique for battery charger to achieve efficient performance in charging shaping, minimum low switching losses and reduction in circuit volume. The operation of circuit charger is switched with the operation of zero-current-switching, resonan ... read full abstract ››

Development Tendency Of Energy: A Short Review

Date: 30-01-2014 10:55

Energy is the important source for the development of the society and it‘s the basic support of national economy and the base for human living. As the development of economy, abrupt increase of population and continuous improvement of living standards, the demand of energy increases continuously, which caused the impetuous scramble of energy source in the world, and urge ... read full abstract ››

Technical Analysis Of Coal Utilization And Environmental Pollution

Date: 30-12-2013 15:58

Coal is known as black gold, the food of industry. It has been used as one of the main energies for human being since the 18th century. Although its important place has been taken by petroleum nowadays, due to the daily drying up of petroleum for quite a period of time in the future, the large quantity of coal reserves and with the rapid ... read full abstract ››

Technical Communication Of Automation Control System In Water Treatment Plant

Date: 30-12-2013 15:53

This paper presents technical communication of automation industry which describes the technical issues of
automation control system in operation development, improving management level and high efficiency process in water treatment system. Today’s water treatment plants are applied for water conservancy projects, emerged by the tec ... read full abstract ››

Analysis, Design And Implementation Of Zero-current-switching Resonant Converter Dc-dc Buck Converter

Date: 30-12-2013 15:47

This paper presents a Buck type circuit structure, the designing of ZCS resonant Buck converter and analysis of the working principles involved. The designed buck converter uses ZCS technique and the function is realized so that the power form is converted from 12V DC to 5V DC (1A). A detailed analysis of zero current switching buck converters is performed and a ... read full abstract ››

Dc-DC Power Converter Design & Implementation

Date: 29-12-2013 19:22

In recent years, with the development of power electronic devices,control theory and the increasing demand of high-quality power supply, power electronics technology has aroused widely attention from scholars. DC-DC power converters are employed in a variety of applications, including power supplies for personal computers, office equipment; spacecraft power systems, laptop, Ce ... read full abstract ››

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