Voluminous Agriculture And Agrotechnic  

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Published in: 2014

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Voluminous agriculture and voluminous agro-technology has no proper origin. But it had jutted out now and then in many places in private congested areas. It never had a proper application though the advantages of it is always just obvious.

Today, the world has many landscape problems and also the supply of water. The lavish agricultural methods still going strong can only survive when much agricultural products find other methods. This is shift in agro-technolgy is needed to all countries irrespective of their well being and over production. The reasons for it are many. Following are some that makes it unavoidable.
1. Latent desertification: land is taken away for agriculture and animal husbandry; urbanisations, city constructions and their infrastructure. Vast areas have lost their natural values and stability that topsoil erosion is rampant.
2. Sea level rise: The removal of natural forests has and is sending much water into the seas. The same displaced water has to be taken back to their original places.
3. Air cleaning and O2 production: Oxygen has to be produced more to satisfy the demands. Voluminous agro-technology can increase it because the green mass per m² becomes at least three fold. As such it can leave much forests to be forests.
4. Wild life expansion: Wild life is being squeezed to an extent that further squeezing will become deadly. Jungle-land encroachment by the poor can be substituted.
5. Earth population: It has increased so much and seems to increase further for some decades. Marine agriculture has to come and it can be only voluminous agriculture.
6. Heat fatigue: Heat fatigue is rampant in tropical countries caused by absence of natural shades and fall in oxygen as well drop in O2 due to expansion of air. This can be solved by the introduction of voluminous agro-technology.
7. Top-soil erosion: Top soil is exposed to erosion in normal agricultural system. It is not only bad for agriculture, but also for Sea-level. Because, so much is washed down the rivers and they settle in the oceans and raise the water from under. And as they flow down the rivers the erosive momentum and its abrasiveness increases.
8. Flash flood and land slide threats, the Tsunamis of the mountains, have increased.

The above mentioned points are just a few and there are much more which intermingle and make voluminous agriculture and voluminous agro-technology to evolve out from the old. It fits any part of agriculture and even helps people to be healthier. Ironically, it can be added well into any city and town. It will bring back people from encroaching jungles without creating domicile pressure in the cities.

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