Gsm Based Automated Embedded System For Monitoring And Controlling Of Substation  

Abstract Category: Engineering
Course / Degree: M. Tech.
Institution / University: NIMS UNIVERSITY, Jaipur, India
Published in: 2012

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The purpose of this project is to acquire the remote electrical parameters like Voltage, Current and Frequency from substation and send these real time values over GSM network using GSM Modem/phone along with temperature at power station. This project is also designed to protect the electrical circuitry by operating an Electromagnetic Relay. The Relay can be used to operate a Circuit Breaker to switch off the main electrical supply.
User can send commands in the form of SMS messages to read the remote electrical parameters.
This system also can automatically send the real time electrical parameters periodically (based on time settings) in the form of SMS. This system also send SMS alerts whenever the Circuit Breaker trips or whenever the Voltage or Current exceeds the predefined limits. This project makes use of an onboard computer which is commonly termed as microcontroller.
This onboard computer can efficiently communicate with the different sensors being used. The controller is provided with some internal memory to hold the code. This memory is used to dump some set of assembly instructions into the controller. And the functioning of the controller is dependent on these assembly instructions. The controller is programmed using Embedded C language.

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Electrical Engineering

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Prof. Ram Singh Verma

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