Technical Communication Of Automation Control System In Water Treatment Plant  

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Course / Degree: Electrical Engineering
Institution / University: Hohai University, Nanjing, China
Published in: 2013

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This paper presents technical communication of automation industry which describes the technical issues of
automation control system in operation development, improving management level and high efficiency process in water treatment system. Today’s water treatment plants are applied for water conservancy projects, emerged by the technology of automation control system is to ensure safe, continues, high quality water supply to municipal and for multi-purpose usage. Along with automation technology, computer technology, network communication development, advanced water treatment monitoring system is realized in Nantong pengyoa water purification plant. The Nantong pengyoa water purification plant has an important beneficial industry relationship to People’s Republic of China improving living status and environment condition mainly expounds the water supply, to build well-off society, comparatively improving the labor production growth & level of implementation of targets as well as high water quality requirements. In this paper, it develops the task and tells the technical solutions of water treatment plant which has been centralized in fully automated operation in some developed industries since many years. And also append short description of its current practices such as networking, and real-time monitoring control, composition & structure, process flow and automatic process control which are performed in water treatment plants to achieve high efficiency in quality of productivity.

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Automation Control, Water Treatment System, Computer Technology, Networking, Monitoring Control, Nantong Pengyao Water Purification Plant

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Engineering - Technical Communication Of Automation Control System In Water Treatment Plant Technical Communication of Automation Control System in Water Treatment Plant
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