Development of an Inverse Dynamic Model of Lower Extremities During Gait  

Abstract Category: Engineering
Course / Degree: Biomedical engineering
Institution / University: Tennessee State University, United States
Published in: 2008

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Dynamic models play an important role in gait studies, providing a tool for study of human locomotion and resulting reaction forces and moments. A three-part model of the lower body was developed through the use of inverse dynamics, to model normal walking in sagittal plane. The objectives of this project were to model normal walking in order to determine joint reaction forces and moments through inverse dynamics and derive the stresses on the proximal femur during normal gait. A three-part dynamic model including the foot, lower leg (shank), and the upper leg (thigh) was considered.

Typical angular displacements for ankle, knee, and hip were adapted from available established literature for an average subject. This information can be obtained for any subject by using motion capture system for the kinematic data and force plates for ground reaction force. Through numerical differentiation the angular velocities and accelerations for these three joints were computed. These results were implemented to compute joint reaction forces and moments. The computed forces and moments were employed to obtain the maximum stresses at the most vulnerable points of any given cross section on the proximal femur. The obtained results are crucial in predicting fracture and fatigue failure of femur.

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Biomechanics, gait, dynamic model

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