Security & Surveillance System  

Abstract Category: Engineering
Course / Degree: BSc Electronic Engineering
Institution / University: N-W.F.P UET Peshawar Abbotabad Campus, Pakistan
Published in: 2010

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With the immense increase in crime rate throughout the world, there is an intensive need of security. Every individual feels insecure & wants his personal as well as his surrounding life to be peaceful and secured. A lot of work has been done in this regard. Very efficient security systems have been designed but peace and security is still a question that needs to be answered.

Our aim of project is to design a security & surveillance system with maximum efficiency. Our prototype performs two main tasks; first one is the Surveillance of the surrounding & second task is to take Security measures in case of any intrusion. There are also two modes of operation of our system. Day mode in day time while night mode in the absence of security administrator. The surveillance system operates only in day mode in which the Security administrator will monitor and control all the system, while the security portion is enabled to operate both in day mode and night mode.

We implemented the surveillance portion using a web cam instead of high cost surveillance camera. The camera has the ability to move 1800 and it is monitored by security administrator at day time through an application developed in Visual Basic.Net. The security measure system includes Movement sensors, Basic electronics and microcontroller. The movement sensors implemented on LDRs have the ability to avoid intrusion. This system alerts the administrator using GSM technology if the administrator can not monitor the system 24/7 from the control room. 

Our next goal will be to introduce RFIDs in our surveillance system. Using RFID we will be able to acquire data, process and store all the data regarding every individual, vehicle and other costly equipments (like in labs and library). As RFID takes the data of entrance and exit time of every individual, we can also have a record of attendance and working hours of every student and staff member. We will program a complete database for all the information regarding registered users, visitors and any vehicle.

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Security, Surveillance, Sensors, CCTV, RFID, UET

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