Balaila’ Model For Manpower Allocation In Service Jobs  

Abstract Category: Engineering
Course / Degree: Ph.D
Institution / University: Technion , Israel
Published in: 2004

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The work measurement concept has evolved from the manufacturing world but has not been fully adopted yet to the global shift to the service sector and the high-tech firms. Certain factors create inherent difficulties in determining time standards for manpower allocation in service jobs: (a) non circulating process and numerous ancillary tasks (b) wide variation in Time Between Arrivals and Service Performance Time; (c) the difficulty of assessing the damage done to the organization by long customer Waiting Times (WT) for service. This difficulty makes it hard to calculate the Break-Even Point (BEP) between raising worker output, (which minimizes labor costs but increases customer WT), and improving service quality by lowering customer WT. The model proposed in this paper (Balaila’ model) overcomes most of the above-mentioned difficulties by taking a multi-domain approach to the problem: 1) The model deploys a series of indicators for a correlation between output and WT. The indicator values are affected by service level of urgency and the initial number of service workers. 2) Cost-Benefit – finding the best BEP by comparing the operational cost of an additional worker with the economical benefit caused by the decrease in WT at the margin. Thus, the model finds the best balance between worker output and service quality. From applying the model on dozens of various types of service systems, we conclude that the results better meet the needs in real-life conditions than most common models, which take a narrower approach. Nowadays, when about 70% of all the jobs in the developed world are defined as service jobs, the economic importance of the model is evident.

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work , mesurement , time , service , manpower , allocation , Balaila

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