Egyptian Storm  

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ُEgyptian Storm

the newest under soil irrigation system in the world: 


the under soil irrigation system is a system that save the water and give the plants thier plenty of water under Controling the water from waste.it also can being smart systems.in this traditional under soil or smart systems thier are more deffiency,

in this system the Egyptian Storm many benefits/features that make the design more smart:

1.it save more 90% of water compared with the other systems.

2.made of a natural materials and can be desolved in the soil components if putting a chemical material when the system going to faliure.

3.it give the plant the accurate water only.

4.it is an control of herbal and non origin plant field.

5.it useful with the desert soils semi hot areas and arid.

6.useful with sugare cane,ornamentals,fruits tree,wheat,rice.

.7it also modiefy with any requirements of any plant.

8.not expensive.


the manufacture of the system:

made of an natural plant material the can safe the water.


the mechanisme of irrigation system "the Egyptian storm"

it is depend on the ability of plant to uptake water related to the Osmotic pressure.


The working period or expire life of system:

it can regenerate only two seasons only

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