Transaction-Oriented Simulation In Ad Hoc Grids  

Abstract Category: I.T.
Course / Degree: MSc in Advanced Computer Science
Institution / University: Westminster University, London, United Kingdom
Published in: 2004

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

Computer Simulation is an important area of Computer Science that is used in many other research areas like for instance engineering, military, biology and climate research. But the growing demand for more and more complex simulations can lead to long runtimes even on modern computer systems. Performing complex Computer Simulations in parallel, distributed across several processors or computing nodes within a network has proven to reduce the runtime of such complex simulations.

Grid Computing is a cost-effective way to perform resource intensive computing tasks because it allows several organisations to share their computing resources. Besides more traditional Computing Grids the concept of Ad Hoc Grids has emerged that offers a dynamic and transient resource-sharing infrastructure, suitable for short-term collaborations and with a very small administrative overhead to allow even small organisations or individual users to form Computing Grids. A Grid framework that fulfils the requirements of Ad Hoc Grids is ProActive.

This paper analyses the possibilities of performing parallel transaction-oriented simulations with a special focus on the space-parallel approach and discrete event simulation synchronisation algorithms that are suitable for transaction-oriented simulation and the target environment of Ad Hoc Grids. To demonstrate the findings a Java-based parallel transaction-oriented simulator for the simulation language GPSS/H is implemented on the basis of the promising Shock Resistant Time Warp synchronisation algorithm and using the Grid framework ProActive. The validation of this parallel simulator shows that the Shock Resistant Time Warp algorithm can successfully reduce the number of rolled back Transaction moves but it also reveals circumstances in which the Shock Resistant Time Warp algorithm can be outperformed by the normal Time Warp algorithm. The conclusion of this paper suggests possible improvements to the Shock Resistant Time Warp algorithm to avoid such problems.

Thesis Keywords/Search Tags:
Parallel and distributed simulation, Grid computing, transaction-oriented simulation, ProActive, Shock Resistant Time Warp

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Krafft, Gerald (2004) Transaction-Oriented Simulation In Ad Hoc Grids, MSc thesis (Advanced Computer Science), Westminster University, London.

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