A Documentation Methodology Proposal to the Problem Posed by the Conservation OF Contemporary Modern Works of Art in Malta  

Abstract Category: Arts
Course / Degree: B.Cons.Hons
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 2003

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

Twentieth century innovations in the use of diverse materials in the manufacture of modern contemporary works present huge problems for conservators. From the onset one of the biggest problems a conservator has to face is a missing 'lacuna' of knowledge, in the method of manufacture, and what had in fact, been used by the artist. The study proposes a methodology of how to acquire this missing knowledge, through an information gathering strategy with artist's co-operation. A triangulation of information model, that is, a questionnaire, video interview, and the creation of a fragment replica or sample taking, would allow for such information to be accessible through a database system. This methodology was successfully tested by a questionnaire, which was sent out to a small selection from the population of practising Maltese artists, and by a case study of a contemporary Maltese artist; Vince Briffa. A twenty minute video interview with the artist in his own studio, is also incorporated, and photographs of the various stages in the construction of the work as well as the setting up of a fragment replica in the artist's own studio is also covered. The research findings indicate a sustainable level of co-operation from the artists without which the eventual launch of the project would not be feasible. It also resulted that the methodology can offer detailed quality information that was otherwise not available, and which is most often, the first thing to be sought by conservators in the eventual management of such complex works.

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conservation, contemporary modern works, works of art

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Galea, M. (2003), A documentation methodology proposal to the problem posed by the conservation of contemporary modern works of art in Malta, Unpublished Thesis, University of Malta

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