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Study Of War, Death And Primitivism In D. H. Lawrence's The Rainbow And Women In Love: A Freudian Reading

Date: 29-08-2016 16:54

In this thesis I have had a different reading of D. H. Lawrence's The Rainbow and Women in Love. Previously, these two novels have been studied in terms of Freudian psychoanalysis and sexuality. My purpose is to apply Freud's ideas of primitive unconscious, especially the ones which he discussed in his essay “Reflection on War and Death (1915)&r ... read full abstract ››

The History Of The Look-To-The-East Idea: Japanese Interests In The Malaysian Socio-Economic Development (1906-1980)

Date: 15-01-2015 00:15

The development of the Malaysian economy currently inherited from three previous levels, starting from the growth and rapid development level of natural resources industries from the mid 19th century until the year 1914, followed by a volatility or instability period of natural resources industries between the First and Second World War and last but not least the level of cons ... read full abstract ››

Expressions Of Buying And Selling In Tunisian Arabic A Frame Semantic Account

Date: 05-11-2014 08:36

As separate predicators, BUY and SELL in TA evoke conceptual frames dealing respectively with acquiring new possessions and losing them. As a commercial transaction, they activate different semantic domains such as transfer in space, symmetry, reciprocality, balance, equal value, predictable steps and outcomes, and norms. The movements of GOODS and MO ... read full abstract ››

Look East Policy: Implications on Malaysia-Japan Relationship

Date: 07-09-2014 16:23

Malaysia-Japan relationship has been in existence for long. The relationship covers trade, investment and other economic activities. Malaysia is considered an important partner to Japan even prior to the implementation of the Look East Policy. Special relationship that has been developed between Malaysia and Japan since the year 1980 is the reflection of Dr. Mahathir's persona ... read full abstract ››

Pakistan’s Relations With Central Asian States And The ‘new Great Game’

Date: 03-09-2013 17:02

Since independence, Pakistan’s foreign policy has been shaped by two interrelated factors, i.e., the fear of India and an urge to seek a strategic balance with India. Another important element of its foreign policy has been a strong attachment to Islamic ideology.

... read full abstract ››

The Thomasine Logia: The Genesis Of A Jesus Tradition

Date: 04-06-2013 12:23

The focus of this thesis is one stream of Jesus tradition in early Christianity. We can suppose that the Jesus tradition originated when the historical person (Jesus) was performing his kingdom ministry and miracles, and significant oral speeches were formlessly passed on as crucial teachings of the new religious movement. It was due to religio-political factors, including the ... read full abstract ››

Comparitive Study Of The Selected Poems Of Emily Dickinson And Parveen Shakir In The Context Of Feminism

Date: 28-01-2013 20:06
This research undertakes the comparative study of the selected poems of Emily Dickinson and Parveen Shakir in the context of feminism. It is divided into five chapters which are introduction, feminism, and life history of the poets, comparison and conclusion respectively. All these chapters are comprised of the required data according to the demand of the research topic.... read full abstract ››

"war Against Terrorism In Afghanistan After 9/11"

Date: 18-07-2012 08:02

Afghanistan a landlocked country, occupies a strategic position between China, and the West, Central and South Asian regions. The geographic location gives Afghanistan great strategic significance. Afghanistan has remained an arena for the clashing interests of external powers for centuries. Following the collapse of Afghan President Najibullah\'s communist dictatorship, a loo ... read full abstract ››

Challenges Faced By The Church In Not Licening And Ordaining Women Ministers: A Case Study Of The Africa Inland Church - Nandi Region Of Kenya

Date: 12-07-2012 09:02
There is an increase in the number of churches that license and ordain women to serve on an equal level with men in church ministry. Women who have been licensed and ordained have made a great impact in the growth of their churches because they have used their God-given gifts and talents. However, despite this effort there seems to be a persistence of prohibition of licensin ... read full abstract ››

Comparative Analysis Of The Editorials Of Pakistani English Dailies (dawn, The News, The Nation, Daily Times, The Express Tribune And Pakistan Today) Regarding United States Diplomatic Cables Leak.

Date: 01-05-2012 22:39
Over the recent years, phenomenon of Wikileaks has opened new avenues to find out the hidden truth. When a reader wants the news from a credible source, then no one can deny the significance of the local press, especially when information is being disseminated from various fronts.
This research project focuses on the editorial coverage of US diplomatic cables lea ... read full abstract ››