Study Of War, Death And Primitivism In D. H. Lawrence's The Rainbow And Women In Love: A Freudian Reading  

Abstract Category: Arts
Course / Degree: M.A thesis in English Literature
Institution / University: Kharazmi University of Tehran, Iran
Published in: 2014

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In this thesis I have had a different reading of D. H. Lawrence's The Rainbow and Women in Love. Previously, these two novels have been studied in terms of Freudian psychoanalysis and sexuality. My purpose is to apply Freud's ideas of primitive unconscious, especially the ones which he discussed in his essay “Reflection on War and Death (1915)”. He holds that human beings were living a primitive life and these primitive attitudes can come out and show themselves anytime. We can apply these ideas to these two novels and justify the characters’ actions. If we take the war as an impulse then we can come to the conclusion that characters have waited for this impulse to behave in some special ways. I have made this relationship by referring to Freud’s essay “Reflection on War and Death” and other works by him and also by Thomas Hobbes. First of all I have studied Primitivism in The Rainbow. The primitivism in this novel has a biblical sense. Lawrence depicted the beginning of this novel in a pastoral way. I explained the points that are in common with the Bible in this novel. Then I studied primitivism in Women in Love. There is a different primitivism in Women in Love. In this novel primitivism is limited to humans’ basic needs including the need for violence. I went through Lawrence’s life to show that World War I was the reason that he felt desperate and hopeless about humanity and this changed his view on primitivism. I also discussed characters’ actions and their different primitive behavior. Gerald, known as the industrial magnate, is the one who has answered this need for violence under the covert of war. In this sense Lawrence followed Freud’s ideas about humanity. According to Freud human beings have the need for violence in their unconscious but they cannot answer this need easily because of social norms. In the time of war they are freer to answer this need.

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D. H. Lawrence, War, Death, Primitivism, Psychoanalysis

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