Expressions Of Buying And Selling In Tunisian Arabic A Frame Semantic Account  

Abstract Category: Arts
Course / Degree: MA
Institution / University: College of Arts and Humanities/ Sfax Univeristy, Tunisia
Published in: 2006

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

As separate predicators, BUY and SELL in TA evoke conceptual frames dealing respectively with acquiring new possessions and losing them. As a commercial transaction, they activate different semantic domains such as transfer in space, symmetry, reciprocality, balance, equal value, predictable steps and outcomes, and norms. The movements of GOODS and MONEY also infer the schematic image of a CENTER-PERIPHERY trajectory. As such, they form an extensive source domain for TA speakers to conceptualize morality through certain conceptual metaphors. The latter are grounded in the physical and cultural experience of commercial transactions and used to convey a coherent moral vision including human interaction, moral principles, moral rules and moral balance. Findings prove that English also incudes some of these metaphors and that both languages share some target domains conceptualized in terms of BUYING and SELLING.

Thesis Keywords/Search Tags:
Frame semantics, cognitive theory, conceptual metaphor, morality, rationality, embodied mind, buying, selling and Tunisian Arabic.

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