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Freedom for the Unfree: A Counter-discourse of Postcoloniality in "In a Free State"

Date: 20-12-2010 04:11

The objective of this study is to expore the situation of freedom in the lives of Naipaulian fictional beings in India, in Africa or in Metropolitan settings of London and Washington DC, and the qualities they possess that entitle them the freedom to be free in his novel In a Free State.

A brief survey of different dimensions of freedom--political, psychological, ... read full abstract ››

Constructing Chinese-American Identity: Mother-Daughter

Date: 20-12-2010 04:02

Who are we? This question weighs much options for anyone and probably it is the quest for identity in the study and analysis of any fictional texts of hyphenated authors— African-American, Asian-American, Indian-American, Chinese-American—where fictional characters enjoy in the new cultures, make choices of living, create dreams, shifting from one nation to an ... read full abstract ››

Educated, Westernized and Unfulfilled: A Woman's Life in The Thousand Faces of the Night

Date: 20-12-2010 03:53

After the 1950\'s, a handful of Indian woman novelists writing in English appeared in India. Anita Desai, Shashi Deshpade, Geeta Dharmarajan, Bharati Mukherjee and Githa Hariharan are some of them. They are educated and write about different women in Indian society who show a wide spectrum of colours. Githa Hariharan, having been educated in America and having learnt West ... read full abstract ››

Web 2.0 - Language Learning With the Virtual Worlds

Date: 07-10-2010 13:24

Whether it is a social networking site like Facebook, a video stream delivered via YouTube, or collaborative discussion and document sharing via Google Apps, more people are using Web 2.0 and virtual world technologies in the classroom to communicate, express ideas, and form relationships centered around the era of Information Communication Technologies ( ICTs). This paper rev ... read full abstract ››

The Theme of Unbelonging In the Poetry of Langston Hughes and ‘Antarah Ibn Shaddād.

Date: 05-10-2010 12:49

This thesis deals with the poetry of two great poets, Langston Hughes (1902-67) and ‘Antarah Ibn Shaddād (525-615). Both poets wrote timeless poetry and they were pioneers in the twentieth and the sixth centuries. Their poetry reflected much of their sufferings as both of them were denied in their societies. Although Langston Hughes was born in the United States of Amer ... read full abstract ››

Towards an Interpretation of the Poetic Text: Language and Thought in the Poery of José Ángel Valente

Date: 15-07-2010 12:24

This thesis examines Valente\'s entire poetic output, at the same time as it explores theoretical issues with reference to interpretation of the poetic text. Valente\'s concept of \'punto cero\', language as a medium of discovery and communication, the relevance of reader reception, poetics and thought are some of the major issues considered in this study. In this thesis Valen ... read full abstract ››

Otherness Contested: A Lacanian Reading of Herman Melville’s Clarel

Date: 12-07-2010 22:23

Clarel: A Poem and Pilgrimage in the Holy Land (1876), a nineteenth-century American epic, remarkably anticipates the concerns of post-modernity. Essentially, it accentuates the role of fragmentation in man’s life, and demonstrates the infeasibility of searching for a message, which one might retrieve from the multitude of experiences one encounters. It most certainly co ... read full abstract ››

Expanding the Craft Industry in Jamaica: Developing Craft in Montego Bay

Date: 03-05-2010 23:09

The craft sector in Montego Bay, Jamaica is still under-developed and is viewed as a cottage industry despite 60 years of existence.  The thesis examines the role of the craft industry in tourism, its contribution to the economy of Jamaica and how it can be sustained.

The study was conducted using a variety of methods namely, questionnaires, in ... read full abstract ››

Gender and Genre: An examination of Jeanette Winterson's disruption to the western gender binary

Date: 16-03-2010 15:19

This study focuses on Jeanette Winterson’s disruption of the restrictive western gender binary, examining how Winterson interrogates culturally articulated gendered identities and explores the expectations that are imposed upon the female protagonists within the texts as a result. I will further consider the narrative strategies, such as the reconfiguration of key cultur ... read full abstract ››

The Bloomsbury Revolt - The Shift in Literary and Aesthetic Perspective

Date: 06-12-2008 20:45

I was always fascinated by, if not obsessed with, Virginia Woolf. I found her to be intriguing both as a writer as well as a person, because her extraordinary life was as captivating as her brilliant work. And it was through her that I was gradually introduced to the fantastic and amazing world of the Bloomsbury Group. Her companions were as invigorating, as cheeky, and as wit ... read full abstract ››

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