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A Portrait Gallery: the Biographical and Autobiographical Echoes in Virginia Woolf's Major Novels

Date: 01-07-2005 20:30

My interest in Virginia Woolf started when I came across one of her novels, Mrs. Dalloway, in a local shop and, after reading it, my first reaction was one of confusion – the novel seemed to make a lot of fuss about nothing at all. Yet, in all its fuzziness, there was something intriguing about it. Unlike any other novel, it did not attempt to describe characters, settin ... read full abstract ››

Promises in the Dark: Opening Title Sequences in American Feature Films of the Sound Period

Date: 27-01-2005 00:00

This is an historical, statistical and theoretical study of film title sequences, which examines their key role in American cinema. I seek to demonstrate that recurrent styles and structures are closely associated with particular periods and genres as well as title sequence designers. I also consider the impact on title design of such factors as the structure of the studio sys ... read full abstract ››

Fiction and Reality in T. E. Lawrence's Portrayal of the Arabs in Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Date: 13-01-2005 11:11

The present thesis focuses on T.E. Lawrence's (1888-1935) Seven Pillars of Wisdom: A Triumph (1935). The main hypothesis is that the book displays some inconsistencies regarding the representation of the Arabian image. The purpose has not been the creation of an Arabian model mirage against which Lawrence's portrait could be evaluated. Rather, it explores the peculiarities att ... read full abstract ››

The dynamics of flint and obsidian movement and utilisation strategies in the Central Mediterranean

Date: 25-08-2004 23:58

Since the 1960s archaeologists such as Colin Renfrew became interested in identifying the reasons why obsidian was moving in distances as far as 1000 km from the source. It became widely agreed that this obsidian exchange was part of an intra-village trade. But, in the manner of processual archaeology several mathematical models were drawn up to explain this obsidian movement. ... read full abstract ››

The effects brought about by the paid employment of married women in the 25-35 age cohort in a Gozitan village

Date: 23-08-2004 22:20

This study highlights the pull factors that are encouraging women to participate in the labour market. More importantly, this study is about identifying the effects both positive and negative that are attributed to the workforce. The target of this research are Gozitan married women in the 25-35 age cohort in the role of workers as well as members of a family (of orientation o ... read full abstract ››

Integration of Refugees in Malta

Date: 06-08-2004 21:03

This study examines the factors leading or hindering integration of refugees in Malta. The notion of integration is very complex to define and to put into practice. It is also important to note that integration is not a forced act therefore, an individual must have a conscious will in order to pass through the process of integration.

Throughout the years refugees ha ... read full abstract ››

The impact of Child Abuse on the Psycho-Spiritual and Religious Status

Date: 29-07-2004 23:03

This correlational study examined the potential effects of child abuse history on the psycho-spiritual status and religious behavior of a sample of Maltese undergraduate students. While there is much research on child abuse in many countries, similar research in Malta is in its beginning phases.

Data collected from 312 subjects indicated that 10.9% of the sample qu ... read full abstract ››

Public Distribution System and Food

Date: 14-11-2003 19:38

The history of political economy of food and food security as a public policy of contemporary times in India is invariably open to diverse, sometimes contradictory interpretations, depending on the outlook, approach, and ideology of the research scholars and perspective of the policy makers. Perhaps, this is not true in case of Kalahandi district of Orissa--one of the poorest, ... read full abstract ››

Trends and aetiology of suicidal behaviour in Malta

Date: 22-10-2003 19:42

Patterns of occurrence and aetiological factors of suicidal behaviour in Malta were studied. 64 completed suicide cases and 687 attempted suicide cases were analysed, with gender, age and means of death or means of attempt, being the main variables. A separate sample of 49 individuals who attempted suicide was examined closely for causal factors.

Secondary analysis ... read full abstract ››

A Documentation Methodology Proposal to the Problem Posed by the Conservation OF Contemporary Modern Works of Art in Malta

Date: 15-10-2003 14:13

Twentieth century innovations in the use of diverse materials in the manufacture of modern contemporary works present huge problems for conservators. From the onset one of the biggest problems a conservator has to face is a missing 'lacuna' of knowledge, in the method of manufacture, and what had in fact, been used by the artist. The study proposes a methodology of how to acqu ... read full abstract ››

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