The impact of Child Abuse on the Psycho-Spiritual and Religious Status  

Abstract Category: Arts
Course / Degree: Psychology. (Pastoral)
Institution / University: Loyola College in MD, United States
Published in: 2004

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

This correlational study examined the potential effects of child abuse history on the psycho-spiritual status and religious behavior of a sample of Maltese undergraduate students. While there is much research on child abuse in many countries, similar research in Malta is in its beginning phases.

Data collected from 312 subjects indicated that 10.9% of the sample qualified as ‘severely’ abused. This is comparable to similar United States statistics. Female subjects were found more vulnerable to abuse than males. Furthermore, in examining the correlations noted above, a sequential pattern of relationships appeared to emerge, which was clarified through a Path Analysis.

Child Abuse seems to impact more selectively closer to the traumatic experience. Thus, results indicate that abuse may have a sequential effect system on individuals’ lives, impacting directly their personality, religiosity, and cognitive evaluation of life, which in turn influences their spirituality, and finally their emotional sense of well-being.

Results also point at spirituality as a potential resource, particularly with young people, in treating child abuse. The social and pastoral implications of these findings were discussed.

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Child Abuse, Spirituality, Psychological Well-being. Trauma, Personality

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