Trends and aetiology of suicidal behaviour in Malta  

Abstract Category: Arts
Course / Degree: BA Hons (Psych)
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 1994

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

Patterns of occurrence and aetiological factors of suicidal behaviour in Malta were studied. 64 completed suicide cases and 687 attempted suicide cases were analysed, with gender, age and means of death or means of attempt, being the main variables. A separate sample of 49 individuals who attempted suicide was examined closely for causal factors.

Secondary analysis and interviews characterised the research design. Findings show that middle-aged men, using hanging as the main means of death, may be deemed as suicidal high risk groups. Attempted suicide was found to occur mostly among young women, with overdose as the means of attempt. Aetiological factors showed attempted suicide to be influenced by various factors, such as life stressors, psychiatric illnesses, and previous suicidal attempts.

Recommendations for the setting up of local services dealing with suicidal behaviour were proposed in the study.

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suicidal behaviour, overdose, Aetiological factors

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