Teaching the Alphabet Using a Multi-Sensory Approach  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Early Childhood Education
Institution / University: .., United States
Published in: 2000

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

Students acquire knowledge of the letters of the alphabet necessary for emerging literacy through their senses. Activities that utilize tactile, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and taste senses grasps the interests of the children. The activities and information is internalized and the children have fun. Through the use of small group activities and learning centers teachers can create hands on activities related to thematic units. Students develop letter recognition helpful to the beginning phases and later necessary for literacy learning. Children derive positive self-esteem through hands-on activities and develop a positive attitude towards learning how to read. Using a whole language approach teachers can create lessons that incorporate learning the alphabet into thematic units.

 The objectives of this thesis are as follows:

Students recite, discern, and embrace the alphabet system. Children recognize the letters of the alphabet visually in print. Students match the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet. Students distinguish the letter-sound relationship of the alphabet. Children identify similar sounds of the beginning consonants. Students learn about the concept of rhyme and point out words that rhyme. Children internalize the shapes of the letters. Children inscribe shapes and lines necessary for letter formation. Children write upper and lower case letters.

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pre-k, preschool, alphabet, pre-reading, multi-sensory approach, senses, how to teach someone to read

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