Mathematics Performance of Second Year Students of Selected Secondary Schools of Abra  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Master of Arts in Mathematics Education
Institution / University: Unioversity of Northern Philippines, Philippines
Published in: 2008

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This study aimed to determine the students' factors that affect the performance in Mathematics II of the Second Year High School Students in Selected Secondary Schools of Abra. The result of the study showed that most of the student-respondents belong to big families where they live while studying. Their parents are non-professional workers. They spent most of their time. They spent most of their time in watching television programs when they are at home. The student-respondents have good study habit and a neutral attitude towards mathematics but the level of performance in mathematics is stiull considered poor in all the learning content areas except in the Operations of Algebraic Expressions which is described as satisfactory. There is no significant difference in the level of performance of the student-respondents in Mathematics II whether they come from among the identified secondary schools in the study. There is no significant relationship that exist in the level of performance of student-respondents andf teacher-related factors except in the variable on the "Area of Specialization" of teachers. There is significant relationship between the students' level of performance and parent's occupation and residence while studying. Based from the findings, it is recommended that teachers should strengthen the concept where the students are strong and weal. Parents should supervise their children in their home studies and to give guidance and tutoring as well as monitor their children in using their time on television programs. Furthermore, teachers should be updated on the current trends and issues on the teaching of mathematics. They should therefore be encouraged to attend seminars and trainings as well as enroll in graduate studies.

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mathematics performnce, second year students, high school

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