Technology Training of Teachers using Scaffolding  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Instructional Technology
Institution / University: Houston Baptist University, United States
Published in: 2003

Thesis Abstract / Summary:

Teachers of every subject and at every grade level are expected to provide their students with a rich learning environment that embraces technology-based curriculum. Teachers must be educated in the use of instructional technology. It is crucial for teachers to receive instruction to integrate their current teaching methods with technology-enhanced teaching methods. Many teachers will need particular help learning instructional technology even though they may be experts in their discipline. Staff development is capable of making a commanding difference in performance of both teachers and their students.

Motivating the teachers is an essential component for instructional technology training. Adults require relevant, concrete experiences with generous encouragement, appropriate feedback, and long-term follow-up. One teaching method that shows great promise in working with adults is scaffolding. Scaffolding allows the learner to build understanding step-by-step. Adult learners can become independent, self-regulated learners through instruction that is deliberately and carefully scaffolded.

The ultimate goal of professional development is to improve student learning. In order for instructional technology to be truly integrated into the curriculum it must be used at a higher level than just record keeping or passive presentations. The use of instructional technology applications can also support higher-order thinking by keeping students on task while performing authentic, complex tasks.

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Technology, scaffolding, instructional

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Bogen, Pamela (2003) Technology Training of Teachers using Scaffolding, Houston Baptist University

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