Personality Traits Of Teachers And Level Of Environmental Concerns  

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Course / Degree: Doctor of Education
Institution / University: Misamis University, Philippines
Published in: 2011

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This study endeavored to identify the personality traits of the teachers as related to their level of awareness on environmental concerns.  The study was conducted among public elementary school teachers in Lala North District, Division of Lanao del Norte during the school year 2010-2011.   This study was descriptive in nature.  Data were collected through the use of the questionnaire.  The frequency, percentage, weighted mean and standard deviation were computed to analyze the collected data.  The chi-square tool was used to test the hypotheses postulated in this study.


            Results from the data pointed out the following significant findings:

            The teachers were mostly female, aged between 31 to 40 years old and had obtained units in the Master’s degree.

            The teachers had good level of personality traits in terms of conscientiousness, agreeableness, emotional stability and personal and social awareness; while fair in terms of openness.

            The teachers had high level of awareness on environmental concerns in terms of egoistic, altruistic and biospheric.

            There is a significant difference on the personality traits of the teachers in terms of conscientiousness when they were grouped according to educational attainment; and in terms of emotional stability when they were grouped according to sex.    No significant difference on the personality of the teachers in terms of openness, agreeableness, and personal and social awareness when they were grouped according to sex, age, and educational attainment was found.

            There is a significant relationship between the personality traits of the teachers in terms of openness and their biospheric environmental concerns; and between the teachers’ personal and social awareness and altruistic concern towards environment.  No significant relationships were noted between the personality traits of teachers such as conscientiousness, agreeableness, emotional stability and their level of environmental concerns.


            1.         Most of the teachers possessed good level of personality traits. 

            2.         They had high regards towards the environmental through their high level of egoistic, altruistic and biospheric environmental concerns.

            3.         The sex, age and educational attainment of the teachers cannot be considered significant aspects of the teachers’ different levels of personality traits; nor these variables were predictors of the teachers’ level of awareness on environmental concerns.

            4.         The teachers’ openness can be an indicator of the teachers’ varied biospheric concerns for the environment.  This is also true for the teachers’ personal and social awareness which can be considered significant predictor of their altruistic concerns for the environment.


            Based from the findings and conclusions, the following recommendations are drawn:

            1.         The teachers’ personality traits may still be improved from its good level to very good.  They should attend seminars and small discussions or personality development lectures and exchange of ideas so that they could be more responsive and effective in dealing with science problems in relation to the environment.  These are also good practices and characteristics for the teachers to become more effective in sharing their knowledge and practices with their children in promoting awareness on the environmental concerns and issues.

            2.         The school heads may augment and enhance the teachers’ awareness on the environmental issues by encouraging their teachers to participate in countryside and community activities which aimed at promoting awareness on the environment.  The school heads may also propose and implement programs along with the local council or barangay council for collaborative efforts in the promotion of the healthy environment. 

            3.         The curriculum planners and framers may extend help to teachers and pupils on improving their personality traits and environmental concerns through enrichment of the curriculum, incorporating more emphasis on the significance of the role of human beings in preserving and doing something for caring their ecosystem. 

            4.         Future researchers may conduct another study using the framework of environment concerns among pupils, school heads and their participation in dealing with issues of the society including environmental problems and its possible or suggested solutions.

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Personality traits, environmental concerns

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