Employers Feedback On Misamis University Graduates  

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Institution / University: Misamis University, Philippines
Published in: 2011

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Misamis University has continuously implemented a fully evaluation systems which allow student evaluation of subjects, courses, basic services and teachers. The results of these surveys are reported collectively to give a sense of the students’ evaluation of a course.  These evaluations are helpful in ensuring continuous improvement in the teaching processes, services and courses.

Misamis University is currently undertaking a research to gather employers’ feedback on its graduates.  This undertaking aimed to investigate some of the issues related to employability.  The specific objectives of the study are 1) to find out the degree to which graduates have demonstrated Misamis University Graduate Attributes in the workforce, and 2) to evaluate the attributes that are significantly demonstrated by the graduates and valued by their employers.

The population of this survey included employers of graduates of Misamis University since 2000. The sample of this study was taken from employers whom their employees are Misamis University graduates who have graduated between the years 2001 to 2010.   The questionnaires were sent to all employers who have offered and are still offering employment opportunities to Misamis University graduates.  Therefore, the sample for this study comprised employers whom Misamis University graduates are currently working for. A self-administered specific study designed questionnaire which focus on Misamis University Attributes was used.

College of Education

Twelve employers gave their feedbacks on the graduates of the College of Education.  These employers were the heads or supervisors who directly supervised the MU graduates who are currently teaching in the different educational institutions within the areas of Misamis Occidental, Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga del Norte areas.

The job positions of the employers were varied.  However, from the 12 respondents, four were Teacher II, three were Principal and the rest either Dean, Education Specialist, Master Teacher and a Guidance Coordinator. questionnaire was sent to the employers for their feedback, a pilot study was conducted to revise and refine the questions.

Most of the respondents were affiliated in the public or government institutions specifically the employers were from the Department of Education (DepEd.)   The education graduates demonstrated different levels of competencies which are reflective of how well the graduates achieved and practiced the learning objectives and attributes designed in the Education curriculum.

It can be observed based on the perceptions of the employers that the graduates have excellent level of competence in relation to establishing collaboration and teamwork.  The graduates were observed to take responsibility and carry out agreed tasks.  They take initiative and lead other teachers in achieving common goals.  Most of them operate in a range of supportive roles within group of teachers.

The feedbacks from the heads also revealed that they considered their teachers who are MU graduates to have very good level of literacy, communication, numeracy, critical thinking and learning skills.  The employers described their teachers to possess professional qualities which are very essential characteristics of teachers.  Their highest level of literacy, ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally, numeracy skills and critical and logical thinking help teachers to be very effective in their respective classrooms.  However, they noted that these graduates need to enhance their competence in addressing diverse learners especially in utilizing different kinds of teaching pedagogies flexible enough to address different kinds of students.

It can also be noted that the graduates who are already employed as teachers may need to achieve excellent level of skills in relation to development of instructional materials, assessment tools, application of teaching approaches, reseach involvement, collaboration with colleagues and stakeholders and managing resources and records.  These areas could be the focused of enhancement activities of pre-service teachers or education students who would then be the would be teachers. 

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