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Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: MCA
Institution / University: st.xavier's college, India
Published in: 2012

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The study focused on the supervisory activities of elementary school heads from the selected schools of Pacific Area in the Division of Northern Samar.

The study employed descriptive-correlation research design. The respondents were 19 school heads including three districts supervisors, nine principals, six head teachers one teacher-in-charge and 95 teachers from San Roque and Pambujan I and II District. Frequency counts, percentage, mean and multiple regression analysis were used to treat the data statistically.

As regards the school heads’ profile, a majority of them are female. Married school heads outnumbered the single ones. Most of them were mature, handling principal position and were graduates of the University of Eastern Philippines. On their educational attainment, majority of them were master’s degree holder but most of them have 1-5 years of experience. A majority got very satisfactory rating and were supervising 25-44 teachers.

In terms of the level of implementation of supervisory activities, a majority of them had very high level of implementation.

A majority of the teacher-respondents considered the problems met to be less serious as regards the level of implementation of supervisory activities.

Significant relationship was found out between sex, age, position, institution graduated from, highest educational attainment, performance rating and the level of implementation of supervisory activities. In contrast, civil status, number of years as school heads, number of teachers supervised were found to be not significant.

The relationship of problems met and the level of implementation of supervisory activities was not significant.

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