Rural Women Empowerment In Rajasthan  

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Course / Degree: Ph.D.
Institution / University: banasthali university, India
Published in: 2012

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The contribution of women and their role in the family as well as in the economic development and social transformation are pivotal. Women constitute 90 per cent of total marginal workers of the country.Micro – enterprises not only enhance national productivity, generate employment but also help to develop economic independence, personal and social capabilities among rural women.This paper deals with empowerment of rural women through entrepreneurship and the advantages entrepreneurship among the rural women. “Economic empowerment of women led to development of family and community”. This statement was proved by an informal women education centre, Banasthali Vidyapith, Banasthali, Rajasthan.


The Informal Women's Education centre has been functioning at Banastahli since inception    of the Institution in 1935. It has provided a platform to the rural women to interact amongst themselves and with the University faculty, and share their concerns and problems. Objectives of this study are to know the impacts of   entrepreneurship on women. A significant percentage of the participated women felt experienced each of these forms of empowerment such as economic empowerment, personal empowerment, psychological empowerment etc. These results suggest that various activities that empower women are economically and socially ultimately enhancing the whole development of women as well as the society.

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