Assessment Of Public Secondary School Principals’management Functions And Student Services In A Division: Basis For The Development Of Ahandbook  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Education
Institution / University: Philippine Normal University, Philippines
Published in: 2012

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This study assessed and looked into the status of management functions of public secondary school principals in the Division of Romblon, specifically, in the areas of 1) planning; 2) budgeting; 3) organizing; 4) staffing; 5) leading; 6) motivating; 7) evaluating; and 8) rewarding. Likewise, it assessed and looked into the status of the following student services in the same locale; 1) medical-dental services; 2) school canteen services; 3) school safety and security services; 4) library services; 5) guidance and counselling services; 6) sports program; and 7) spiritual and outreach programs. Using the descriptive-developmental method of research, the study employed the Input, Process and Output assessment model to  determine the extent to which the secondary principals’ management functions and the various student services have met the standards required of quality delivery services. Using the multi-stage purposive sampling techniques, a total of three hundred thirty three (333) respondents were drawn from eleven participating schools composed of program supervisors, principals, teachers and students such as books, memoranda, circulars and teachers’ magazines were utilized as data gathering materials. Data gathered were treated with the use of descriptive statistics which includes percentage, weighted mean, F-test and Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient.
Findings of the study revealed that the management functions of secondary school principals in the Division of Romblon have been generally perceived as very satisfactory with planning and rewarding as first and last respectively among those perceived by the respondents as very satisfactory. A no significant difference in the perceptions of the four groups of respo0ndents was found out in the areas planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing, motivating, evaluating and rewarding functions of principals; however, a significant difference was revealed in the area of leading functions. Moreover all variables in management functions have been found to b related with each other. 
On the other hand, the student services of the schools in the division of Romblon have been perceived by the respondents as being satisfactory with the sports program and library as the first and last respectively in the rank of satisfactory perception. A no significant difference in the perceptions of the respondents on the status of medical-dental services, school canteen services, school safety and security services, library  programs , sports program and spiritual and outreach and spiritual programs surfaced but a significant  difference was revealed in guidance and counselling services. It was also found out that all the vales on student services have been found to be related with each other.           
A moderate high correlation was found out to exist between the status of management functions and the status of student services. As part of the general recommendations, the research encouraged the upgrading of the management functions of the principals and the student services as well. 

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Assessment, Management, Management Functions, Student Services, Management Handbook

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