Socio-economic and Educational aspects of Fishermen community In Visakhapatnam District - A Study  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: PhD
Institution / University: Andhra University, India
Published in: 2010

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In Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam occupies a prominent place in fisheries sector with 132 Km long coastline with 61 coastal fishing villages and 58 fish landing centers, with a total fishermen population of 0.101 million.  There are about 22,464 active fishermen engaged in marine fishing activities and nearly 32,500 fishermen engaged in allied fishing activities such as fish vending, net mending, transportation etc.
Fishing as a subsistence occupation of a caste bound community has a long and hoary tradition and a part of economic planning in India. The long coast line and the productive continental shelf gave fisheries the status of a sector capable of accelerating the growth of the rural economy of India. Accordingly, planned marine fisheries development had the multifaceted objectives of increasing the fish harvest by improving socio-economic and educational conditions of fisher folk augmenting export earnings and generating new employment opportunities. Fishing is a traditional economic activity in India practiced for generations by the fisher communities.  The fishers can be broadly classified as: (1) inland fishers; (2) marine fishers; and (3) fish farmers.  Among the three, commercial-scale fish farming is a recent development and is also spread outside the domain of traditional fishers’ communities.
The study was mainly concentrated on understanding present status of fishermen community, and to recommend the government for different welfare schemes to be implemented for the enrichment of the livelihoods of Jalari, Vadabalija and Agnikulakshatriya communities. The objectives of the thesis are to study the socio, economic and educational aspects, to identify the problems faced and the significant differences among the fishermen communities and thereby suggest appropriate strategies for improvement in their socio economic and educational conditions. The schedule was prepared and standardized with the help of local experts in the area of study. A total of 300 respondents from selected 10 villages were interviewed and administered schedules.
The researcher identified acute shortage of effective and remunerative employment among fishermen.  They are facing much exploitation from various sections and cannot hope to escape from these in the nearby future.  Majority of fishermen are indebted to some credit bondages.  They have no idea of planning the expenses according to their income and have no saving mentality and are leading a life full of debts. Various other outcomes were discussed in this thesis.

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Fishermen community, socio-economic and educational aspects, fisher folk, inland marine and fish farmers

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Appala Raju, Majji (2010) Unpublished thesis on "Socio-Economic and Educational Aspects of Fishermen community in Visakhapatnam District-A Study".

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Education - Socio-economic and Educational aspects of Fishermen community In  Visakhapatnam District - A Study Dr.Majji Appala Raju
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