Studies On Hydrolic Parameters Of Sand And Gravel Filter For Artificial Groundwater Recharge  

Abstract Category: Engineering
Institution / University: MPKV, MAHARASHTRA, India
Published in: 2010

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The study of “Studies on hydraulic parameters of Sand and Gravel Filter for Artificial Groundwater Recharge” was carried out at the Instructional Farm of Department of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Dr. Annasaheb Shinde College of Agricultural Engineering, M.P.K.V., Rahuri.  The filters made from various locally available filter materials were tested for the constant suspended load concentration of 200 NTU (285 ppm.)  Different locally available filter materials viz., sand, angular gravel, pea gravel and coal were tested independently and in combination of two layers, three layers and four layer with varying layer thickness of 15, 30 and 45 cm, respectively.  The effect of filter materials on filtration was studied by recording the observations on inlet head, outlet head, velocity of flow, time of filtration and filtration efficiency.  The data were analysed statistically.

Under constant suspended load concentration in single layer filter maximum filtration efficiency 68.4 % was found in treatment for sand grade I, with 45 cm thickness.  The corresponding average velocity of flow, average time of filtration and discharge recorded were 0.727 cm/s , 1.03 min, and 0.97 lps, respectively.  The two layer filter sand grade I, recorded maximum filtration efficiency 73.73 %, along with 15 cm layer of coal.  In case of three layer filter, the maximum filtration efficiency was observed 68.8 % in angular.

The maximum filtration efficiency 88.92 % in four layer filter was observed in sand grade I, pea gravel grade I, angular gravel grade I, each of 45 cm thickness along with 15 cm coal grade I.  The average velocity of flow, average time of filtration and discharge recorded at maximum filtration efficiency are 0.63 cm/s, 3.96 min, and 0.82 lps, respectively.

It is revealed that the velocity of flow decreased with change of filter material from coarse to fine and it also decreased when filter material thickness increased.  The average time of filtration increased when filter material thickness increased, it also increased when filter material texture changed from coarse to fine.  The outlet filtrate suspension at maximum filtration efficiency (88.92 %) varied from 25.0 to 50.0 NTU.  The average filtration efficiency increased from coarse to fine filter material and increased with the thickness of filter material from 15 to 45 cm.  The four layer filter comprising of sand (0.6 to 2.00 mm), pea gravel (2.0 to 6.00 mm), angular gravel (9.5 to 15.5 mm) of layer thickness 45 cm each along with a layer of coal (4.00 to 8.00 mm) with     15 cm thickness recorded highest filtration efficiency and thus found beneficial for ground water recharge in comparison with other multilayer filters.

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