Vxworks Operating System In Embedded System  

Abstract Category: Engineering
Course / Degree: M.Tech
Institution / University: Jaipur National University jaipur, India
Published in: 2012

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This thesis describe about use of VxWorks operating system in embedded system.The most sutable example about VxWorks is Curiosity that is launched by NASA in 2012.VxWorks operating system cant be work without these two processors that is ARM and XScale processors. This research describes VxWorks the high performance A/D  real-time operating system. In this research there is three main thins we can notice here that is How can we  use VxWors facilities in the development of real-time embedded system applications. How can we use the target-resident tools included in VxWorks based real-time system and how can we define about the use of optional components VxVMI, VxMP, and Wind Foundation Classes. To know about vxworks operating system we must be familiar about ARM and XScale processers.

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VxWorks,ARM and XScale processors

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