The Eating Habits of Maltese University Students on Campus: An Exploratary Study  

Abstract Category: Education
Course / Degree: Bachelors in Education (Honours)
Institution / University: University of Malta, Malta
Published in: 2004

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The present study investigates the eating habits of typical Maltese university students. It focuses primarily on the student’s daytime food choices on campus. Prior to this study, little was known about the eating habits of tertiary students. Hence, the main aims of the study were to obtain a general picture of the eating habits of university students aged 18 to 25 years, with specific focus on foods and drinks consumed on campus, and to find out whether tertiary students who had experienced Home Economics education at some point during their schooling were influenced by their background when choosing foods and drinks. Quantitative and qualitative methodologies were employed to gather the data needed for this study. By means of a questionnaire, a survey was conducted with a sample of University students, to explore their food preferences and eating habits whilst on campus. As a follow-up to the main findings of the survey, structured one-to-one interviews were conducted with a small group of students, in order to obtain more in-depth information about reasons for food choices. A structured interview was also conducted with the university canteen Head of Catering to obtain his perspective on foods offered and purchased from the canteen. Overall, results indicated that the majority of university students who participated in the study considered pizza and pasta to be their favourite foods. About half of the sample consumed breakfast daily before setting off for university. They also tended to consume more low-nutrient dense foods and more sugary drinks, whilst on campus. As regards to the food choices and behaviours of students having experienced Home Economics education, minimal differences were found when compared to the rest of the sample. Based on the outcomes of the exploratory study, the researcher has put forward recommendations for an on campus nutrition and wellness intervention.

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